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Daisy Throat Chakra sterling silver bracelet with Aquamarine

The focal point of this bracelet is the one inch daisy in which has been woven by hand each ring at a time. A 6mm genuine aquamarine corresponds to the throat chakra. Attached to each side of the daisy is a blue cord which was interwoven with the lacy sterling silver. Two silver beads adorned the daisy on each side.

A sterling silver slider/stopper makes this bracelet adjustable to fit any wrist size.

Raquel's daisy bracelets are an intricate work of art, made by hand , with love and healing energy.


The Throat Chakra is located at the hollow dip of the throat and is light blue in color. The Throat Chakra has sixteen petals or spokes.

The Throat Chakra is associated with communication, creativity, truthfulness, inspiration and music talents . If you have a hard time expressing yourself, speaking your mind, finding the right words to say, having a shyness about you, suffer from a speech defect, have a hard time telling the truth and find it easier to tell white lies your Throat Chakra may be out of balance. An unbalanced Throat Chakra often manifests as physical problems related to neck and shoulder pain, ear infections, and sore throats.

Comes in beautiful jewelry box 

Price: US $ 74.00

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