turquoise copper & sterling silver tree of life

TOL024 Tree of Life with genuine Arizona blue turquoise- Wisdom , Purification, Protection- December Birthstone


The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol found in almost every culture. It stands for immortality, as well as our connectedness to our family (family tree), mankind, and all living things. This inspired me to create a special Tree of Life pendant jewelry piece that can be close to our hearts.

Each Tree of Life is completely made by hand, tumbled and also hand burnished to give a perfect shine and finish.

The originality and the simple elegance will get you noticed!

This unique pendant is handmade using painstaking and intricate wire-wrapping techniques. The copper circle is hand hammered creating a frame texture frame that encircles the tree. Sterling silver wire is used to sculpture the roots, trunk and branches of the tree with genuine turquoise gemstones.

measures 1.5 inches in diameter

The Wisdom and spiritual journeys tree of life is made with Genuine turquoise gemstones.

Chain or leather cord are free. 


Turquoise is December birthstone it a power stone of Purification,Serenity,Protection, Wisdom,Balance, Strength, Friendship, Love, Positive thinking, Sensitivity. Turquoise is a purification stone. It dispels negative energy and can be worn to protect against outside influences or pollutants in the atmosphere.

Angelic: Archangel Michael, the Archangel of protection, courage and truth.

Metaphysical Properties:

A truth stone, it symbolizes a time to be honest with yourself. Much will be gained when you become still, and see yourself as your truly are. This stone is a reminder to share your vision and WALK your TALK! The truth is very motivating to those ready to hear it. By doing so, you make it okay for them to believe and follow. This gem stone is a stone of self realization helping you to better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions. It is a wonderful aid in regards to any type of analytical thinking.

Attunes the physical to the higher realms. Aligns all chakras, creating a clear channel for the nurturing and creative energy of this sacred stone


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